Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am being oppressed by my shampoo!

So, before I embark on an epic three-post-long update, I wanted to simply relay the ways in which the shampoo I just bought at Target has oppressed me. See, I ironically bought herbal essences' "Dangerously Straight" line of shampoo (it comes in a hot pink container). The back of the bottle simply reads:

"I think it's better straight than never.

You love straight hair
and you'll do
anything to get it.
Well, get your straight look
with my lush formula fused
with honeyed pear & silk
that cleans and lays hair down
with a sleek shine.
t's easy.
Get in line right here."

Well, herbal essences, I will have you know that maybe I don't want that straight look! I will not buy in to the heteronormative hair labeling process! My hair will not get in line! I refuse to lay it down! It will be just as gay as it wants to be!

All this being said, I'm shocked that they actually put silk into the shampoo. I've never really put something in my hair that could also be in my shirt. Does that do anything? I feel decadent.

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